7 Staffing Tips to Remember As COVID-19 Cases Rise

7 Staffing Tips to Remember As COVID-19 Cases Rise

It is difficult to think another wave of COVID-19 instances is on the upswing. Only this week, the number of individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 climbed by 5 per cent in 36 nations. Furthermore, this week that the U.S. reported a mean of nearly 70,000 new cases daily (October 20th-October 27th). This has become the greatest seven-day average, however, as shown by a CNBC analysis. And in Chicago, where I reside, indoor dining is once more being suspended.

All this feels like we’re back where we began back in March. In reality, it feels sort of like the movie Groundhog’s day at which Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, keeps stirring up and reliving the identical day! Even though a second wave is not great news, the 1 bit of great news is that we experienced this before and have heard from it. Below are 7 tips for staffing businesses to keep in mind to be able to remain on top and succeed as we head into winter. Check out Jam Radio site to see our latest news about covid-19

1. Switch into a Cloud-Based Staffing Program Option

If you are not on a cloud-based staffing software option yet, now’s the time to make the switch. Among the key reasons being is your staffing business may safely and productively function from home. Even if your business is moving to the workplace today, it is essential to be ready in case it is no more secure to possess the entire staff at the workplace. As we all know from last time, the problem quickly turned such as the change of a button. 1 moment our staff was at the workplace and the next moment we were gone and would not go back for months.

A cloud-based staffing program gives your staff the ability to operate from anyplace. Even though this is very important during the present times, in ordinary situations that is also a significant advantage as recruiters are on the move visiting customers. They are easily able to input their notes as they jump between customers.

Another significant advantage is the security aspect. There’s been a growth in endangered data throughout the pandemic. As if we do not have enough to be worried about, hackers are on the prowl. They’ve been targeting distant employees, as they understand businesses were left to scramble and set in patchy security protocols. A fantastic cloud-based staffing software option will put money into high-quality information security. It is extremely important to note however that not all staffing applications suppliers invest in the same quantity of security. It is vital to inquire how secure your information will be when changing into a cloud option. Never assume your information is secure. Attributes of a Safe cloud option include:

  • The information is kept in a high-tier Data Center. Tier 3 and 4 Data Centers offer the maximum security using an uptime of about 99.982percent and 99.995percent respectively.
  • The cloud information is stored in several data centres so in the event”the cloud extends “, your information remains backed up and protected in a different one.
  • Multiple security protocols have been set up in the Data Center itself such as a massive quantity of backup power resources, fingerprint access between chambers, secured cages, 24-hour tracking and armed guards. Just a few crucial IT people in the software firm should have access to this physical information.
  • Backups are conducted every day. Ideally, incremental backups are created during the day with a single full backup done after every day.
    Many layers of firewall security are set up.

2. Purchase the Ideal Technology for Interviewing

If your team is working in your home, applicants also will not have the ability to come in for an interview. Locate the best interviewing platform for your business. Whether that’s simply via a training platform or an expert movie interviewing applications. It is vital to discover the ideal solution for your organization so recruiters may continue to conduct interviews without even missing a beat. Investing in the ideal technology for interviewing is essential not just so that your business may continue to function easily, but also so the provider appears professional in the candidate’s perspective through an interview.

3. Partner with Industries at High Demand

This may indicate needing to venture out into new lines of business you’ve never indulged in before. In case you haven’t already taken advantage of those businesses in high demand throughout the pandemic, now’s the time to branch out into those lines of business. A few of the businesses in high demand include food/alcohol/grocery, medical staff/device, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, delivery solutions, trucking/railroad, paper goods, antibacterial/cleaning goods, and much more. All of these are businesses worth targeting to keep your business going strong. Possessing a portfolio that is diversified in hard times is much more significant than ever.

You also need to search for companies that are hiring in bulk amounts. Every single day, under LinkedIn News, LinkedIn upgrades their list of”Here is who’s hiring at this time.” It is a listing that would be well worth checking out each morning to determine whether there are any businesses you could partner with.

4. Utilize the Capabilities of Your ATS/CRM

The information saved on your ATS/CRM is much more valuable than you might think. Consider each of the customers and applicants that you have saved on your database. You might have hundreds or perhaps thousands of customers and applicants. New business and applicants are available right before you! The important thing is understanding how to hunt.

Looking for Clients

Hunting by Client Industry, Status, and Location is the most elementary search, however a powerful one. If you’re attempting to target those businesses in high need, it’d be practical to seek out the industry, location (begin with firms near you), along with also an inactive status (meaning that you are not doing business together ). A”full-text search” is just another powerful search feature that permits you to look for key phrases in each customer profile. If you would like to look for”medical”, then it is going to search all customers having the term”medical” somewhere in their profile, if that’s within an email, a text message, or a notice, a comment, etc… Not all ATS/CRM options possess a”full-text search”, however, if yours has that attribute that you wish to make certain that you are using it.